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Sidhee's And Xiaolian's Reflection Inquiry

Sidhee's And Xiaolian's Reflection
growth mindset!
U ltimate H ealthy M e Do you want to stay healthy and live a long life? Then follow these easy steps to keep you healthy.   B alanced  diet Ea ting a balanced diet helps keep you to have all the nutrients you need.It will keep you in a healthy weight range.You should eat food from different food groups like meat,eggs,dairy and grains.These foods give you vitamins,minerals,protein,calcium and grains.You can eat chocolate,cakes and doughnuts.But not too much because that is all processed with a large quantity of oil and sugar. It makes our body fat and tierd. R est   Our body needs a big amount of sleep to work hard at least 8 or 9 hours a day. If your body doesn't work properly then you should have a proper rest. Our brain needs a rest.When you sleep your brain also sleeps to work hard and not tired and for that you need plenty of rest. Mental health Sharing feelings with friends and family makes a happy life. Also sharing feelings makes you feel calm and happy.You c
it is my flip grid . I worked hard on it

My eye art

It is my eye art.please comment it.